Austin Estate Sale: 3202 Silverleaf

I hit this estate sale during my lunch break today. I knew if I waited till tomorrow morning most of the things I was interested in would be gone.

When I got there, this red cookware, which I was hoping to snag, was already gone. Expect for one lonely pair of salt and pepper shakers.

But there was a complete set of mid-century dinnerware still there.

More than complete, there was 13 sets (dining plates, salad plates, coffee cups, saucers, bowls and dessert bowls), 3 serving bowls, 2 serving platers and a few extra pieces. The price was right and we've been looking for some mid-century dinnerware to add to our kitchen, so that's where it's sitting now (more pics to come soon).

I also picked up a few other bits and bobs, but I did leave a few good things behind, like this mid-century lamp, which also lights up in the base.

And some really great jewelry. I'm not a big jewelry shopper at estate sales, but the collection here was particularly nice. I got my wife what I thought was the nicest necklace and I picked up a pair of vintage cufflinks for myself (again, more pics to come).


So, some of the nicest pieces are gone, but if you're looking for an estate sale to hit this weekend, the one at 3202 Silverleaf is probably still worth while.

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