Mid-Century Art: Donna Mibus

The art of Donna Mibus is pretty clearly inspired by mid-century design. Her work reminds me of a brighter, more modern Robert Lyons. I love the flat color and simple shapes. They'd fit perfectly in any mid-century home.


  1. I love the geometrics and the one of the vases!

  2. I like the rocket coming out of the water - it's very "James Bond Evil Lair". Very cool.

  3. Dear Mad for Mid-Century, Someone just shared with me the link to this article. (please forgive me for not thanking you sooner)
    I greatly appreciate you mentioning me in your blog and especially for taking time to post photos of my work.
    Thank you so much! Donna Mibus

    1. Of course. And thank you for making such great art.

  4. I love Donna's work. I have bought several paintings for myself and as gifts from her and have never been disappointed. Thank you Donna for your contribution to my love of MCM!