Inside Scoop on an Estate Sale

One of my grandfathers is moving to California after living in the same home in the midwest for over 50 years. The midwest fraction of my family is putting on an estate sale to make the move much lighter.   I haven't been in his house since I was a child, long before I could appreciate the mid-century design of some of his things.

My mom sent me photos of things in the sale and I asked her to pick up more than a few things for me.  Now I just have to figure out how to get them down from the midwest to my mid-century modern home in Austin.

I picked up these mid-century kitchen tins

We've been looking for a new fruit bowl and this orange bowl is going to be perfect. I also picked up the blue and white bowl. I'm sure we'll find some use for it.

I spotted the coffee pot behind among all the other items and had to have it. I've been trying to add more mid-century items to my morning coffee routine.

We also picked up some mid-century Christmas decorations in the forms of some slightly creepy Santas.

All small, detail pieces, but I think they'll add a lot to the mid-century look of the place.


  1. I would have snagged those great wooden bowls too!

    1. There were a lot of things I was on the fence about, like those bowls and the gold owl, but I decided if I didn't know exactly where it was going to go, I would pass and let someone else feel lucky about a great find.