Vintage Neon Sign for Sale

You may remember the Park Avenue Motel from the giant collect of mid-century American of Martinsville hotel furniture I wrote about. Some items have sold but Joe says there's still mid-century furniture available for those still interested.

As part of selling the estate, the Park Avenue Motel sign is now also for sale. It's big – 8' tall by 9' wide – so you're going to need to have some room for it, and a love of neon. But I don't know how you couldn't fall in love with the colors and that silhouette of a woman with a poodle.


  1. The sign is amazing! It would look perfect in a huge loft.

  2. Makes me long to open a motel! Way to fun to let it go to waste!

  3. I half wonder how annoyed my neighbors would be if I put a big neon sign in the backyard. Probably pretty annoyed. But how could you be with such a pretty sign.

  4. Who is selling this sign? We have it where i work. I walk by it several times a day. We've had this sign in storage since day we took it down. It was designed, manufactured and installed, one city block away from where it made it's home, by my family's sign company many years back. I'm interested who is trying to sell this sign?

    1. The owner of the Park Avenue Hotel was selling the sign back in 2013. The ebay auction is long over, so I'm not sure what happened or who, if anyone, bought it.