Vintage Neon Sign for Sale

You may remember the Park Avenue Motel from the giant collect of mid-century American of Martinsville hotel furniture I wrote about. Some items have sold but Joe says there's still mid-century furniture available for those still interested.

As part of selling the estate, the Park Avenue Motel sign is now also for sale. It's big – 8' tall by 9' wide – so you're going to need to have some room for it, and a love of neon. But I don't know how you couldn't fall in love with the colors and that silhouette of a woman with a poodle.


  1. The sign is amazing! It would look perfect in a huge loft.

  2. Makes me long to open a motel! Way to fun to let it go to waste!

  3. I half wonder how annoyed my neighbors would be if I put a big neon sign in the backyard. Probably pretty annoyed. But how could you be with such a pretty sign.