Mid-Century is Hot in Austin

Three mid-century neighborhoods in Austin got name dropped by RedFin in their 2013 Hottest Neighborhoods list. Of course, if you've been reading this blog, you already know that those are hot spots for finding your own slice of mid-century. However, after making the list they might be too hot to buy.

Here's what RedFin had to say:
People love Rosedale because of the charming '30s and '40s era homes, close proximity to many medical services, the Capitol, UT, and downtown, in addition to many of central Austin's attractions, including Ramsey Park and the Shoalcreek Greenbelt. They also love the nearby unique restaurants and shops like Central Market. 

The residents of Brentwood/Crestview support the gardening efforts of Urban Patchwork, a nonprofit organization that plants crops in yards and shares the fruits of volunteers' labors with homeowners. It's close to eating and shopping, yet far enough from the center of downtown to be affordable for many.

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