Neighborhood Modern House Numbers

Once again, I want to espouse walking around mid-century neighborhoods and straight out stealing the ideas and designs that you see. If you live in a mid-century neighborhood, go a few blocks over. It's no good if all the houses on the street look the same.

I say that, because I happened upon these modern house numbers in a mid-century Austin neighborhood a few blocks over.

Granted, it probably cost more than my DIY mid-century modern house number kit but if you wanted to make a big statement with your address numbers, this is the way to do it.

I don't want to be the creepy guy in the neighborhood, so I didn't walk up to see exactly how it was made, but it looked like a big piece of stainless steel with the numbers spray painted on. The ivy is just adds to the look, but I think this would also work on a clean brick or wood wall of any kind/color.

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