Mid-Century Modern Halloween Decorations

We don't go overboard on Halloween decorations. In fact, last year we only had jack-o-lanterns. But we wanted to add a few decorations this year and I wanted to try an keep with the mid-century modern exterior. I found a few mid-century modern Halloween decorations that I like:

Skel-A-Mingos seemed like a natural fit

These mummy lights were too cute to pass up

And I'm planning on making a giant rope spider web on the front porch, something like this

Easy to put up and take down, low-key and with a little mid-century modern flare. These seem like the perfect Halloween decorations for us.


  1. Those are all great decorations. Take a picture when you've got it all set up.

  2. Since I live in Tampa, I thing the Skel-A-Mingos could be a perfect fit! Where did you find these? We don't normally go to all out for Halloween but these look way fun!

    1. I found them on Amazon when I was considering the idea of adding a pink flamingo to the yard. This is the cheapest set I found: http://amzn.to/R5ZhXC