Mid-Century Magazines

I do most of my mid-century reading online, as I think most people probably do. But sometimes it's nice to take things offline or actually hold gorgeous mid-century photos in your hand. Here are some mid-century magazines or magazines that usually have mid-century and mid-century modern features.

Atomic Ranch



By no means do I think this is an exhaustive list, so I'd love to know what mid-century mags you're flipping through.

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  1. I love Atomic Ranch. My wife has been carrying AR down at her store for the last couple of years, but we are moving the sales point up to A Modern Line starting with the upcoming issue which should be out soon! We also subscribe to Dwell and Metropolis, although Metro is more architechtural in nature. I'm also starting to advertise in Atomic Ranch coming out in the new edition and have been invited to write a sidebar on Heywood Wakefield refinishing. I feel somewhat honored! This should be published in the winter issue...