Broyhill Brasilia Lingerie Chest

An interesting piece of Broyhill Brasilia is for sale on Austin's craigslist, a piece that's being billed as a Broyhill Brasilia tallboy. But it's actually a Broyhill Brasilia lingerie chest.

After the latest Broyhill Brasilia misidentification on craigslist, I was skeptical that this was even a legitimate Brasilia piece so I checked the Brasilia Connection's copy of the original Brasilia sales brochure (pdf). Sure enough, there it was.

I've never seen the Brasilia lingerie chest for sale before in Austin. They're also selling a matching Brasilia headboard and dresser with mirror, if you're looking for a whole bedroom set.


  1. Nice combo, but too rich for my blood, even if I was within range...Do love Braslia though!

  2. Oh Snap, I'd snatch that lingerie chest up in a second. That piece is ridiculously hard to find. I've had lots of requests for that but have never even seen one! I bet I could easily double my money on that. Super rare.

  3. This thread is pretty old... I'm curious what the lingerie sells for? I found one, used it and now I'm hoping to sell. I want a good price for both myself and the buyer.