Mid-Century Campers and Trailers

Mid-Century Travel Trailers — the next big thing?

This slightly leading question/post from Mid-Century Style Magazine got me thinking. I have recently said out loud, "Let's get an Airstream, park it in the driveway and rent it to Austin tourists or use is as couch swapping bait" and "I think my next car is going to be a 60s Westy."

So to answer the question, yes. I think mid-century trailers, mid-century campers and probably mid-century cars are going to make a come back. But, as someone who writes a mid-century blog, I'm probably a little biased.


  1. It seems like the Airstreams are always extremely popular with visitors to modernism shows, so you're probably right.

  2. We have a 15 foot 1971 Shasta Apache that's a fun little trailer for camping. Sadly we haven't been able to find much time to use it lately :( It is considerably heavier than most of the new trailers, but love it just the same....

  3. Not to rain on your parade, but this already happened YEARS ago...