Broyhill Sculptra Canopy Bed

A reader recently contacted me asking about some mid-century Broyhill Sculptra furniture.

She initially wrote:
I have a Broyhill Sculptra bedroom set that includes a full size bed frame that has an attached canopy. I have been unable to find any information or photos of this canopy. It is rectangular and is attached only to the headboard and sits over the head. My parents bought this set when they moved into their house. We are currently using the bed for my son's room. Can you provide any more information about the canopy?
I wrote back essentially saying, "I won't claim to be an expert, but I think I've seen all the Broyhill Sculptra furniture out there and own two of the rarer pieces (the Broyhill Sculptra desk and Broyhill Sculptra 6-drawer dresser) and I've never even heard of a Broyhill Sculptra canopy bed. Are you sure it's part of the line? And can you send some pics?"

And she wrote back:
I just spoke with my mother who was very surprised when I told her I found one of the advertisements with prices on your blog; they were pricey at the time. She said she purchased the set at a high-end furniture store, since they were looking for some high-quality wood furniture. The majority of the furniture was going to plastics or pressed wood. They purchased this set in Baltimore (Highlandtown), MD. I'm sure it's Sculptra. We also have the long dresser with mirror (now often used as a buffet), the tall dresser and two nightstands. Although we did not find the Broyhill Sculptra tags, I know this is definitely part of the line; my parents purchased this as a set.
And she included the following pictures:

And I have to admit, as someone who was pretty sure that he'd see the entire Broyhill Sculptra line, I'm a little blown away. That looks like a legitimate Broyhill Sculptra canopy bed. And if it was purchased as part of a Sculptra bedroom set, that only adds to my belief that this is a true Broyhill canopy bed.

I know that there are a lot of mid-century furniture dealers, enthusiasts and aficionados who read my little blog. So let me put it to you. Has anyone ever heard of a Broyhill Sculptra canopy bed? And if you have, do you have an information about it that I could pass on?


  1. Look on the back of the headboard and also the footboard and your other pcs. and there should be 2 sets of numbers the first set is the suit# and the other is a date code, I don't know how to translate those #'s. If the first set of #'s match up then this should be a real Sculptra bed. I hope this helps.