Reader Question: Hairpin Leg Foot Stool

A reader has a question about a recent purchase at the Restore.
I've been reading your blog for a few months now (and thoroughly enjoying it). My husband and I live in Bryan/College Station, we make treks to Austin whenever we can. Unfortunatley there's not much mid-century to be found in our area (at least not yet), although I do stumble on an occassional piece. Today at the Habitat ReStore I found two of these hairpin leg foot stools.

Once I got them home I removed the newer fabric and found the original cushions still underneath. Too bad they were pretty beat up. I imagine I'll have them recovered, or just repurpose the legs (a bench, perhaps). I'd love your thoughts! I'm still trying to develop an eye for good MCM pieces. I don't know anything about these, and couldn't find much online. Was $10 each a deal?

Christine and Joey
I love my Restore, but never have I found anything so amazing at it.

Christine and Joey, that is to say: You found a diamond in the Restore. If nothing else, for the hairpin legs alone. Reproduction foot stool hairpin legs can cost $15-$25 each, even cheap hairpin style legs will cost more than $2.50 a piece, so four (probably) vintage hairpin legs for $10 is an amazing deal.

On top of that, you have two functioning stools, with original fabric. And if that blue fabric is the original fabric, please keep one of the stools intact, even if it's a bit beat up - it's so pretty.

You might still be developing your eye, your instincts are good. Nice buy.


  1. A few months ago, we bought a couple of really ugly tables at auction online, thinking we could salvage the hairpin legs. When they arrived, it turned out the legs were welded to the metal tabletops. We had glass cut to replace the tops and sold them at a good profit, so all was well, but our original plan was a bust. We're always buying pieces for parts though, especially hairpin legs. I'd jump at those little stools too!

  2. Oh, that's smart. If I had the space I'd be stockpiling parts and pieces too. Especially legs, those always seem to be damaged.

    And those tables sound like you made something nice out of something ugly. They really sound like something I'd like to have out on my carport patio.