Mid-Century Luggage Tags

Need some inspiration for a mid-century travel-themed nursery? The Art of the Luggage Label photostream on flickr is the perfect place to start.

They have a mid-century luggage tag collection.
Globes, starbursts, and san-serif type all are typical of design and advertising in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Many of the labels in this set have dynamic compositions and bright color schemes.

And '50s Swiss luggage tag collection.
A new graphic design style emerged in Switzerland in the 1950s that would become the predominant graphic style in the world by the 1970s. Because of its strong reliance on typographic elements, the new style became known as the International Typographic Style. Label designs from this period use a mathematical grid to provide an overall orderly and unified structure; sans serif typefaces (especially Helvetica, introduced in 1957) and a clean precise illustration style. The overall impression is simple and rational, tightly structured and harmonious. Label designs signed by L.M. Kohler are some of the best examples of the '50s Swiss Style.

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  1. Those are seriously sweet. I travel for my job and when I go back to work I'm totally getting one of these! Love.