Done: Replace Bedroom Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in our master bedroom had two major problems:
1) You couldn't have both the light and the fan on at the same time
2) The fan only worked on the lowest setting

And if you want to count ugly as a third problem, it was also ugly. Here's what the new one looks like:
Both the light and fan work as they should and can be on at the same time. Hopefully this will lead to less stubbed toes on the end of the bed frame.


  1. Nice! I has a bit of a sunburst feel.

  2. Can you tell me what brand this is - I would like to get one like this!

  3. It's a Hampton Bay fan that they've discontinued. But I do have another post on modern fans that might help your search:

  4. How do I change the lightbulb on this piece? It's a great piece!

    1. It's an LED light so I'm not sure you can replace it. It'd be worth checking the user manual though.