Random Snaps of Mid-Century Austin

I shared my random pics of Austin, and luckily someone else shared their random pictures of mid-century Austin. It's a whole series of places and buildings that no long exist in Austin.

Mueller Airport

Burger Chef Hamburgers

2-J Hamburgers


Dairy Queen

Bank of Austin

Bobby Layne's Bowl-O-Rama

 Capitol Chevrolet Inc.

 HEB Food Stores

Sears at Hancock Center: This is the only building in this set of photos that has the same tenant in the exact same building.

Minimax Food Mart: Minimax is gone but the building looks the same.

Lester E. Palmer Auditorium: The building is still standing, but has been totally transformed and is now the Long Center.


  1. Great images! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Great shots! I recently moved to Austin and it's been super exciting to read about what a rich history the city has when it comes to mid century modern design. So far I've learned about John Chase (http://creedefitch.com/blog/phillips-house) and Harwell Hamiltorn Harris (did you see the 1911 Cliff residence on the home tour? http://creedefitch.com/blog/2014-austin-modern-home-tour) and I feel like I've just scratched the surface.

    1. The next step is to check out AD Stenger homes in Austin.