Random Snaps of Mid-Century Austin

I shared my random pics of Austin, and luckily someone else shared their random pictures of mid-century Austin. It's a whole series of places and buildings that no long exist in Austin.

Mueller Airport

Burger Chef Hamburgers

2-J Hamburgers


Dairy Queen

Bank of Austin

Bobby Layne's Bowl-O-Rama

 Capitol Chevrolet Inc.

 HEB Food Stores

Sears at Hancock Center: This is the only building in this set of photos that has the same tenant in the exact same building.

Minimax Food Mart: Minimax is gone but the building looks the same.

Lester E. Palmer Auditorium: The building is still standing, but has been totally transformed and is now the Long Center.


  1. Great images! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Great shots! I recently moved to Austin and it's been super exciting to read about what a rich history the city has when it comes to mid century modern design. So far I've learned about John Chase (http://creedefitch.com/blog/phillips-house) and Harwell Hamiltorn Harris (did you see the 1911 Cliff residence on the home tour? http://creedefitch.com/blog/2014-austin-modern-home-tour) and I feel like I've just scratched the surface.

    1. The next step is to check out AD Stenger homes in Austin.

  3. I love the model of Mueller Airport! That's just the way I remember it. Our grandparents lived by the university campus and we would spend summers going around the campus and airport. I can still see the old DC3s and Convairs parking right by us.

    1. And I'm so glad that they kept the tower in the Mueller development. As pretty as it was, I understand why the airport had to move, but at least the tower still stands.