Mid-Century Modern Flush Mount Porch Light

We decided that it's time to replace the front porch light. It's the last thing we were planning on changing on the porch, so we're going to knock it out and be done.

My first thought was to change it back to something like the original light.

And I found this Trans Globe Lighting modern flush mount globe light, which is a pretty good match.

But it would look a little small, like the original light did. Plus, if you're going to do it, do to it right and put in something that adds to the space.

My mind instantly went to a white globe pendant light, like this Progress Lighting one.

But my wife pointed out that a pendant light would cover up the Crestview Door that's really the centerpiece of the porch.

So I turned to Rejuvenation and the Nimbus was a contender, but outside of our price range.

This Maxim Lighting

and this Progress Lighting modern porch light came very close to hanging over our door.

But the one you'll see when you walk up to is this Forecast Lighting silver porch light.

It's has the perfect mid-century modern look for our porch, and it's been ordered. Now we just have to get it hung.

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