Mid-Century Modern Toy Cars

Recently, we were browsing at a local toy store, letting the little one pick out a few things. The grandparents were in town and doing what grandparents do, spoiling the kid.

As we were wondering and making important decisions ("You don't need two yellow balls. Pick one yellow ball and we'll get something else too.") I caught a glimpse of these really cool modern car toys. The weird thing was they were in a glass case; none of the other cars were protected from little fingers. I figured they were a little more expensive, but they're really well-designed, modern-looking car toys so I thought a little extra expense might be worth it. Then I saw the price tag and quickly moved away from the modern toy cars before the kid saw them and feel in love with them too.

But these Playforever cars are fantastic eye candy so you should still give them a look.

Enzo Motorbike in Gun Metal

Mini Speedy Le Mans Red 

Bruno Roadster in Metallic Blue

 Mimmo Aeroplane in Atlantic Blue

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