Kai Kristiansen Mid-Century Desk with a Bar

One of my fantastic readers was kind enough to tell me the name of my white whale: the Kai Kristiansen Model 54 desk. This Kai Kristiansen desk with bar was made by Feldbellas Møbelfabrik in Aarhus, Denmark in 1955 and 1956.

The Model 54 bar desk is 52.5" wide, 28" deep and 29.5" tall.

The top three drawers on the left are each 10.75" wide, 15.75" deep and 3" tall, and the bottom drawer is 10.75" wide, 15.75" deep and 5.5" tall.

The bar in the desk is 17"in diameter and 13.25" high. It's divided into four sections, one tall enough to hold bottles. I've also seen this Kai Kristiansen desk with the bar on the left and the drawers on the right; perhaps a right-handed/left-handed variation.

And the rotating drawer on the right is 17" in diameter and 3 7/8" tall.

The larger bookshelves on the front are 29" wide, 7" deep and 17.25" tall and the smaller shelves are 11.5" wide, 7" deep and (from what I can tell) have an adjustable height.

There are two versions of the Model 54 desk: teak with wood legs and handles and walnut with capped legs and brass pulls. I prefer the teak myself, but they're both gorgeous.

It's amazing how much you can find out once you know the name of a piece.


  1. That is one gorgeous piece of furniture! If that were to come through the store I might have to take it home!

    1. Love that desk, is that available to purchase?

    2. I don't have one for sale and don't know where any are available currently (and sadly).