Broyhill Mardella, the New Broyhill Brasilia

A few months ago I decided that once the kid's past the age of banging hot wheels on the coffee table and entertainment center, we're going to replace both of them with Broyhill Brasilia pieces. Hot wheels can leave very deep scratches in wood if they're in the right (small) hands, so we'll let the little one finish beating up our current furniture before getting anything new.

I landed on Brasilia because then we'll have Broyhill Sculptra in the study in the back of the house and Broyhill Brasilia in the front, and I think it'll make for a really nice flow in furniture. Plus, I love the legs on the Brasilia coffee table and the original Brasilia knobs.

So I was extra excited when Retro Renovation had pictures of Broyhill's new Mardella line. It's being promoted as Brasilia for a new generation and it's definitely got some of the design elements of the Brasilia line. The wings (or what I'll call wings) are a little thicker and the Brasilia knobs aren't there, but most of the pieces look like a decent modern interpretation. Except the coffee table and entertainment center. Broyhill wasn't trying to recreate the Brasilia line, just bring elements of it into the Mardella line. But they didn't bring any of the look into the two pieces I'll be replacing, so I'll still with the originals.

But if you're looking for a Brasilia piece and can't find an original, the Broyhill Mardella line might be worth a look. Especially if you want a headboard and/or nightstand. Those are the two pieces that seem the most similar to Brasilia.

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