Broyhill Sculptra Dresser at Austin Estate Sale

I haven't been to an estate sale in Austin in a while. Between being busy on the weekends, not really needing anything for the house and not seeing any estate sales that had promise, it's been a few months. But one thing got me out early this weekend.

A six-drawer Broyhill Sculptra dresser. I'd be hard pressed to find room for another Sculptra dresser in our place, but I could find it if the price was right. And from the photos online, this one looked in pretty good shape.

The price must have really been right because by the time I got to the estate sale, someone else had already bought it and hauled it away. Suspiciously, a Broyhill Sculptra dresser was for sale on Austin's craigslist this weekend — could be a coincidence, could be someone made a quick buck.

They did leave the Broyhill Sculptra mirror behind. And it was a good price ($45 if you can't read the sticker), but I couldn't figure out where we had room to hang it in our house. So I left it behind for some other lucky buyer.

They also had some really interesting silver items, but they were a bit too rich for my blood.

On the way home I hit another estate sale. They had plenty of interesting smalls with great graphics.

While I didn't pick up any of those items, I did buy a E Weck & Son Sextoblade Style B replaceable straight razor.

Ever since my mom gave me my grandfather's vintage shave brush, I've been looking for a ivory colored vintage straight razor to match. And this was the first time I saw one that wasn't going to cost me a pretty penny for something that is going to be used more for display than actual shaving. An added bonus is that I can take out the razors so there's no chance of little hands (that are learning to reach tall shelves) hurting themselves.


  1. Those silver/pewter/stainless (or whatever they are) pieces are gorgeous. I might have had to go back on half-price day to see if any of those were left.

    1. I definitely gave that thought, but they were probably the most impressive part of the sale so I figured someone was going to pay full price later in the day, so I couldn't justify the second trip.