Orange Rug for a Mid-Century Ranch

A friend of a friend recently bought a condo and the old owners, who had staged the place, left this rug behind. Apparently we're the only people who want a free orange rug. So we jumped on it and it's now on the floor of our play room. (The old formal dining room got turned into an informal play room.)

I think it's the perfect rug for a mid-century modern home, and I'm pretty picky about rugs. It's a nice splash of color without being over the top.

And it goes well with the rug in our living room, which is good because you can see the living room from the play room.


  1. Sweet pick especially for the price. I concur it's a nice addition. We have a really nice Selig 70's sofa in a burnt orange at our store that I can't believe no one has picked up yet! Same color as your rug. Go figure???

  2. I have a 3 x 5 version of that and I love it!! I need to check Ebay for a larger version. I love the look. My home is Mid Century also. Sorry, I haven't stayed true to the era (but I love to change stuff, so maybe later)but I love it. My Little Matchbox Heaven.