Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides Number 3

Here is the Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides 3 - Be a Good Citizen

While tracking down all 36 of the Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides I happened upon the birth and death records of Thomas G. Nichols, founder/owner/president of the T.G. Nichols Company, Inc. - the makers of the Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides posters.
Thomas G. Nichols, was the son of John William Nichols & Mahalia Hendricks. He married Laura M. Stephens. He was the President of T.G. Publishing Company. Thomas' cause of death is listed as Coronary Occlusion. Mrs. Laura M. Nichols, of 431 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo., is listed as the informant on Missouri Death Certificate #33434. Burial took place on 24 Sep 1955.

Birth: Jan. 16, 1888
Callaway County
Missouri, USA

Death: Sep. 22, 1955
Kansas City
Jackson County
Missouri, USA


  1. Are prints of these available for purchase?

    1. I don't think so. At least I've never seen any. But you can usually find originals on ebay, craigslist and places like that.

  2. I have several from 1932....downsizing and am willing to sell #3, 5, 7, 20,22,32.