Broyhill Facet Furniture Info

Sometimes you just have to wait for an answer. Sometimes you have to wait a while. Two years ago I got a question about the Broyhill Premier Facet furniture; a line I knew, and still know, little about. Recently though a reader was kind enough to point me to a listing on Urban Dwellers.

Urban Dwellers confirmed my assumption that the Facet furniture line was made sometime in the 1960s, but that's where things take a twist.
"Broyhill Facet was produced for less than one year before being discontinued, as the production cost was deemed too high. Almost no pieces from this series exist; a shame, as the design is entirely independent from the popular Brasilia, Sculptra and Saga series. The dresser is fashioned from a solid hardwood base overlaid with light-toned walnut veneer."
So there's good reason that there's little info about the Broyhill Facet line floating around; Broyhill Facet furniture wasn't around very long. Hopefully as more people see the line and fall in love with it (for good reason), more information will surface too.

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  1. This Broyhill Facet is a real classic furniture. Thanks for the post.