Hans Wegner Style Wicker Folding Chair

I went back to my childhood home recently and saw a chair that's been sitting in the basement forever. I remember it being the uncomfortable chair in the corner. (I'm not a huge wicker fan personally.)

But with older, wiser eyes I wondered if it was actually a Hans Wegner wicker folding chair. It has all of the looks, but none of the handles.

Turns out my parents don't have a hidden mid-century gem in the basement. This isn't a Hans Wegner folding chair, but it looks a lot like one and can probably be purchased for a lot less than a Wegner original. If wicker is your thing, this no-name chair might be a nice addition to the corner of your room. 


  1. I'm not a big fan of sitting on wicker either, but I think those chairs look really cool...maybe in the corner of a bedroom for piling your decorative pillows at night. ;)

  2. I have one of these chairs, with a footstool. Bought it at Pier 1 in 1980 or '81