Mid-Century Furniture Auction in Austin

Part of my weekend was spent bidding at the Austin Auction Gallery's "Italian and Danish Mid-Century Modern" auction. I was lucky enough to be be the high bidder on two items: This Danish rosewood wall unit

And this Italian mahogany mid-century modern bed.

The wall unit will go in the dining room (instead of installing a series of shelves) and the bed will go in the kid's room as a big-kid bed.

You could have opened your own vintage store with all the mid-century furniture on sale this weekend, and most of the items went for much less than I would have expected. (We got great deals on both of our pieces.) Although, all of the sideboards and buffets fetched a pretty penny. I guess a few of my Vintage Views interviewees were right when they said, people always need something to put their TV on.


  1. Congratulations on your wins! I was going to bid on one of the Wegner look-alike sewing tables, but I got busy and completely forgot to go online. I don't know if my SIL bid on anything or not. He had predicted that the low starting bids were just to generate interest and that the final prices would be high. For your sake, I'm glad he was wrong. I love both pieces you won.

    1. Thanks. We're really happy with them too (they were delivered today). In many cases, the starting price was also the closing price. At one point I told my wife, "You could seriously open a store with the amount of deals here today." I almost started buying things just because no one else was. Oh, if our mid-century modest house wasn't so modest.

      So hopefully your SIL had a few bids in too. I'm not sure why things went for so little this time, but I sure am happy they did.