Mid-Century Art: Tim Biskup

I can trace back my interest in lowbrow art and art toys to two simple sources. One was the day that I was flipping through Juxtapoz at a book store (remember those) and saw a photo of Possessed and decided that I had to own it. 

But before that, was the day I decided to find out who drew my favorite Cartoon Network cartoons, or at least who was behind the look that was driving those cartoons. I fell down an internet rabbit hole that I didn't come out of for days, but I came out with an answer: Tim Biskup.

As far as animation goes, Biskup is only credited on Dexter's Laboratory and Time Squad. But if you dig, you'll find his fingerprints on Samuri Jack, The Power Puff Girls and Johnny Bravo. And if you knew me in college, that was pretty much a list of the cartoons I would watch. 

Biskup has also worked with Bjork, which, by itself, is enough for me to love his work.

Biskup has explored a variety of styles and mediums, any one of which could be proudly placed in a mid-century modern home.

He's also the artist behind the modified Mold-A-Rama machine, the Roto-A-Matic.

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