Mid-Century Purses by Enid Collins of Texas

I did a little vintage shopping in Austin and ran across some very interesting mid-century purses: Enid Collins purses.

Enid Collins created some of the most interesting mid-century purse and handbag designs I've ever seen.

Owner and designer at Collins of Texas, Enid Collins opened shop in 1946, producing wooden box purses and large canvas purses that were hand decorated with rhinestones and paint. Enid Collins and company went on to design and produce leather handbags for clients like Neiman Marcus, and in 1970 Enid Collins sold Collins of Texas to the Tandy Leather Corporation.

As someone who was friends with the girls who carried lunch boxes as purses back in my school days, there's something that warms my heart to see wood box purses. And the vintage design of these mid-century purses is perfect for anyone dressing the look.

For tips on how to spot an Enid Collins purse, check out this site.

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  1. I had completely forgotten Enid Collins purses! My grandmother had one of the large linen ones, and I had one of the box bags, which she probably bought for me. I literally hadn't thought about those purses in decades.

    Great post! Thanks for the memories.