Mid Century Møbler Talks About Broyhill Sculptra

Haighteration has a must-read interview with the boys of Mid Century Møbler.

A while back Mid Century Møbler was kind enough to let me post their photos of a Broyhill Sculptra room divider. Some Broyhill Sculptra furniture also makes an appearance in the photos of the Haighteration piece.

Here's what Julian of Mid Century Møbler had to say of the Broyhill Premier Sculptra collection:
“It catered to a more sophisticated, growing American public, and more modern living,” says Julian. “Those cat eye pulls were actually taken directly from Danish pieces which we’ve come across before.”
The article also gives a solid end date to the Broyhill Sculptra line: 1965. I hadn't heard that before and it means that Sculptra furniture was only made for eight years, 1957 to 1965.


  1. Can you tell us exactly where these brass cat eye pulls were used on Danish furniture? This smells like a litter box.

  2. That's a quote from Midcentury Mobler, so I don't know which Danish furniture they were referencing. But cat eye pulls can be seen on a cross section of mid-century modern furniture, I don't think any one line or country really made it famous.

  3. I have a mid century modern magna chest from Broyhill’s Sculptra collection. We've had it since the 60s. Except for some wear on the top, it's in great shape. It's been moved 4 X in its life between Daly City and San Francisco. What's it worth?

    1. Hi Pat, It's hard to say for a variety of reasons, but check out this post and you might be able to get a good idea of what it's worth: http://www.madformidcentury.com/2012/04/pricing-mid-century-furniture.html