New idea for the front yard

It rained in Austin tonight, which is news itself. Rachel and I were looking out the kitchen window, watching the rain and pondering what we were going to do with the front yard.

We have a decently long strip of dirt with a few ugly plants in it and a few planters with nice plants sitting on it.

A few years ago I was snooping around a home that was for sale and saw that they had a bocce ball field in the backyard. I thought it was genius. A functional piece of land where grass costs a premium to own. I told Rachel about it and, as a blue sky idea, we talked about a putting in a bocce ball field in the backyard of our old house. But weeds eventually took over that yard and then we moved.

Tonight Rachel had a stroke of brilliance, "Why don't we put a bocce ball field there?" I would have never thought of it, and it's perfect.

And I'm thinking our large wood planters will eventually look like this. (You have to scroll down to the last picture, but you really should see the before picture.)

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