Replace pendant lamp in breakfast nook

We spent our first night in the house last night and we've been unpacking the past two days. Things are starting to fall into place. I'll start posting photos once there aren't random boxes all over the place.

The first item on the to do list worth taking a photo of has been done. I replaced the very small, glass pendant lamp in the breakfast nook with our large, black, metal pendant. I kind of cheated because I used the old electrical line instead of replacing it with the one that came with the new lamp. But Rachel and I decided the old line looked better because the grey matches the silver lights that are in the other half of the nook.




  1. Hadn't seen this post before. Wow...what a transformation!

  2. I still think it's amazing what simply changing a light fixture can do for a room. It's why "new light fixture" is in almost every room on our to-do list.