The tile we dislike

In our second bathroom there's tile that we don't like, but that our contractor said was, "too expensive to remove." He went on to explain that it was expensive tile that was put in well and if we took it out, that no matter what we did, there was pretty much no way we'd recoup the costs. This is that tile.

We do realize that most people would love this tile (in real life it's more pink than in the photos), but it's just not us. We're the type of people that told our Realtor, "no granite in the kitchen, no travertine in the bathroom."

Our plans are to cover up as much as we can with teak. So the front ledge, the ceiling and probably the indents.


  1. I manage a building that has this tile, which I believe is a Chinese marble, in the lobby. I hate it. I feel your pain.

  2. It might not be so bad if there wasn't so much of it in such a small space. Your lobby probably has the same problem. The walls are no longer red though, which has definitely helped the situation. A nice neutral wall color has helped tone the tile back a bit.