Moe Light Fiesta Lights from Ebay

For some reason, a lot of red, orange and yellow Moe Fiesta lights have been popping up on ebay recently. And luckily for me, the people selling them don't know that they're Moe Fiesta lights so I've been able to pick a few up for less than I'd ever expect to pay for vintage Fiesta lights.

We picked up the 18" Moe Fiesta pendant above and this 14" Fiesta pendant to match.

We also bought two Moe Light Fiesta wall sconces to really complete the look.

I'm not sure exactly where I'll hang them in the house yet, but I do know that they'll look great with our Moe Light Honeycomb ceiling lights. And if I'm really lucky, I'll have the full catalog full of Moe Fiesta lights soon.


  1. Great eBay buy! Your collection is growing!

  2. Any chance you still have the two sconces and are willing to sell? We have more fiesta ceiling light and one sconce and need two more to complete our bathroom! Thanks

    1. Sorry, I sold all my Moe Light Fiesta lights long ago. I haven't seen any on ebay in a while either.

  3. I have 4 moe fiesta lights I’m selling if anyone is interested