Not so mid-century, but modern

I've moved a bit away from uber-modern look, but Rach and I will still go on the Austin Modern Home Tour this weekend. Who could argue against "environmentally conscious and architecturally progressive?" Maybe unhappy hipsters.

Done: Replace closet knobs in master bed

A small task for sure, but we got new knobs for the bedroom closet. You can see why they needed to be replaced.

Here's what the doors look like now.

Lathered in love

Part of the plan for the master bath is to make it more masculine 1) because it's mainly used by me and 2) because we're working with a lot of stone and it will complete the look instead of compete with it.

Part of that, for me, is having all the right little touches – like a classic shave kit out. My mom, seeing such a kit on my amazon list, asked me if I wanted my grandfather's shaving brush. I of course said "yes."

This is now on proud display.
On the bottom it reads:
B 985
(M) USA -- I'm guessing the (M) means manufactured
Badger Cased

Now to find a matching razor.

Here's how I want our house to look

Stolen from one of my Facebook friends, I want every room in our house to look like one of these photos.

The cars are also pretty sweet.

Adding to the blank walls

Preparing for some soon-to-come mourning, here's a tribute to Rosie's Tea Party.