Glass Mid-Century Ornaments

Rachel and I went to an estate sale in the neighborhood this weekend. They had a lot of neat stuff that we just don't have the space for, including a record player/stereo/china cabinet. But we did pick up a whole bunch of mid-century glass ornaments.

Here's a selection of what we picked up:

Patio furniture

We bought some new patio furniture for the front of the house. Unlike everywhere else in the country, fall is the perfect time in Austin to enjoy a dinner outside. We'll be adding some white chairs soon to fill out the set.

Done: Add smoke detector to 3rd bedroom

We bought the a smoke detector the first weekend we moved into the house, I just couldn't be bothered to get up on a ladder till now. We have plenty fire alarms in the house already, but Austin fire code says you should have one in every bedroom; now we do.