Mid-Century Art: Arno Dufour

Arno Dufour is an illustrator and designer from Paris who recently came out with Splashes and Stripes.
I love this print, it reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein's Interiors work. Except, you know, exterior.

Mid-Century Globe Light at Austin Vintage Store

I was out Austin vintage store hoping and happened upon a mid-century globe light (hung above some great vintage cowboy boots).

A globe light like this would be the perfect centerpiece in any travel-themed nursery.

Mid-Century House Numbers on a Vintage Store

I stopped by Remixologie before it closed. I didn't find anything I needed, but I did notice their mid-century address numbers for the first time.

They're Distinction numbers (a.k.a. my favorite cheap modern address numbers) on a simple board with an interesting angle cut. It's pretty similar to what we did for our DIY mid-century house numbers, but I like the addition of the angle cut; it gives it more of an atomic ranch feel.

Mid-Century Furniture Auction in Austin

Part of my weekend was spent bidding at the Austin Auction Gallery's "Italian and Danish Mid-Century Modern" auction. I was lucky enough to be be the high bidder on two items: This Danish rosewood wall unit

And this Italian mahogany mid-century modern bed.

The wall unit will go in the dining room (instead of installing a series of shelves) and the bed will go in the kid's room as a big-kid bed.

You could have opened your own vintage store with all the mid-century furniture on sale this weekend, and most of the items went for much less than I would have expected. (We got great deals on both of our pieces.) Although, all of the sideboards and buffets fetched a pretty penny. I guess a few of my Vintage Views interviewees were right when they said, people always need something to put their TV on.

Mid-Century Art: Neal McCullough

Neal McCullough, also known as Hand Drawn Creative, has a new set of mid-century art prints called Asseyez-Vous. For those of you who didn't take two years of French in college (or just use Google Translate because you forgot it all), asseyez-vous means sit down.

Outside of this set, McCullough has some other mid-century style art prints that would fit in a modern home, like this red Westy print.

And this Fisher-Price inspired piece that would look great in any travel-themed kid's room.

Austin Vintage Store Remixologie Is Closing

Sad news in the mid-century Austin scene, one of the newest vintage furniture stores is already closing. Remixologie is shutting its doors at the end of the month. Remixologie was a smaller store so it didn't have as much in stock as other vintage stores in Austin, but it never lacked in quality and it was always worth the stop if you were spending the day vintage store hopping. I'm sad to see it close.

Vintage Light Up Star Tree Topper

The other thing I purchased at the last estate sale I went to was this vintage gold star tree topper. We already have a mid-century style tree topper, but this one is definitely more authentic and will look better next to our mid-century glass ornaments.

Mid-Century Kid's Microscope Set

I hit my first Austin estate sale in a while. It was on a Thursday and Friday, which led me to believe that it wouldn't be fully picked over by the time I got there. And it wasn't; there was a great kitchen table and a few other pieces left. 

One of the smaller pieces left was a mid-century kid's microscope set. I had to pick it up for the kid in hopes of a happy atomic future. Also, the design of the case (with the old school Steel logo) and the materials inside was worth the cost of purchase.