We Need Mid-Century Shutter Ideas

This weekend, I was looking at our to-do list for a simple project that I could get done in a day. And I started to think a new driveway gate could be the answer.

Then I thought that gate should match the planters in the front yard, which should match the new trim paint color, which should match the door, which should match the house numbers, which should match the mailbox, which should match the door knob. And then I took a nap instead of doing anything on our to-do list.

Realizing that all of this was connected, I broke out the Photoshop to see if I could come up with a plan. (Warning: terrible Photoshop work ahead.)

I showed it to the misses and her response was, "Why does our house look so boring?" Here's what the house looks like now (for the most part) that's not as boring:

We came to two conclusions: 1) The house needs shutters 2) The door is where we can make things pop.

So now I'm looking for mid-century shutters, which should match the driveway gate...

Mid-Century Austin Estate Sale: 5828 Tributary Ridge

If the price on this mid-century credenza is accurate ($65!), you should get over to this Austin estate sale ASAP or all the good stuff will be gone.
The details:
5828 Tributary Ridge
Jan. 28-30: 10am-2pm

Eames Address Numbers

I recently learned about House Industries when a friend linked to their latest video. After digging around their site I found out that they're working with Heath Ceramics to make ceramic Neutra and Eames address numbers.

This might make me re-think using Eichler address numbers for our place.

Mid-Century Throw Pillow

We need some new throw pillows for our couch. One could argue that no one really needs throw pillows on the couch, but I like to us them to add a pop of color to the room and I like to nap, which generally requires there be a pillow on the couch.

In the past we used orange pillows to add that pop of color and I found some really nice mid-century modern orange throw pillows.
But as nice as these throw pillows are, they're also really expensive. So I took another route, interesting fabrics, and found these more economical options.

I love the shag pillow idea.
But this seude pillow is also nice and would match the area rug.

Mid-Century Ranch Baby Clothes

Our travel-themed nursery should be proof that there's a little one running around our mid-century ranch home. I'm generally not one for designer baby clothes (as far as I can tell the kid doesn't care what outfit he's in) but how cute is this mid-century ranch onesie?

Mid-Century Door Mat

Sometimes I do loads of research to find the exact right thing to add to my mid-century house, making sure the design is appropriate and the style of the era. And sometimes I just buy the nicest option of the store I'm in. It's pretty easy to draw a line between the two: things that are going to be in my house for a long time, research; things that aren't, just buy the nicest one I can find.

And that's how I ended up with this doormat in front of my house. It might not be mid-century design, it's definitely not mid-century modern, but it was the best option of the store I was in.
And it's much better than the old one, which was far too ornate.

Mid-Century Austin Estate Sale: 1321 Bonham Terrace

It seems like there might be slim pickings here, but if you're up for a hunt or in need of a a mid-century pendant light you might want to check out this Austin estate sale.

Here are the details:
1321 Bonham Terrace
Jan. 21: 11am-4pm
Jan. 22: 9am-4pm
Jan. 23: 11am-3pm

Penn Hardware Company in Reading, PA

Here's what I could find out about the Penn Hardware Company, makers of our art deco doorknobs.
Penn Hardware was founded on Spruce St. in Reading, PA in 1877 by Charles Raymond Heizmann, who became the president of Penn Hardware, and his brother Albert Aloyeuis Heizmann, who became treasurer. Out of their plant, which covered a few acres, they began manufacturing builders' and specialty hardware of all kinds. The Penn Hardware company became known worldwide as quality manufacturers of door knobs and locks, exporting their products to Europe. The Penn Hardware Company purchased the Bright Lerch & Co. in 1883 on the Schuylkill Canal near Spruce St. and converted it into a factory and warehouse.

In 1896, the business was officially incorporated under the name of Penn Hardware Company and they started adding other metal productions, including larger industrial materials such as railroad wheels that weighed 350 to 700 pounds each. A nail department was added in 1898. And in the late 19th century the Penn Hardware Company was known as a leading key manufacturer, especially for hotels.

The company stayed within the Heizmann family for as far as I can find information on it. I can't find exactly when the Penn Hardware Company went out of business. In fact, there's little information that I can find past the late 1800s. My Penn Hardware Company door knobs are said to be from the early 1920s, but besides the art deco design and an internet consensus, I haven't seen actual proof of that. I've seen products, mainly door knobs, that people date into the 1930s and the sales receipt above is dated 1945, so the company at least lasted into the '40s.

Art Deco Door Knobs in a Mid-Century Home

I just found some interesting images.
These are interesting to me because we have a black, interior version of these mid-century door knobs on all of the doors in our house. I now know the maker, Penn Hardware, and I'm going to see what I can dig up on them.

Eichler Address Numbers

These Eichler-style address numbers have been on my inspiration list for a while.
There are two ways we can go with them for our house. Classic black and white Eichler numbers, which could look nice against our white brick.
Or I could take these more modern, metal numbers and build the look myself, so I could match the background to whatever color we picked for our mid-century door.
I'm still not sure which way I'm leaning, I might just have to wait till we get the door in.

Austin Modern Home Tour 2011

The list of properties on the 2011 Austin Modern Home Tour is out. You can check out these boxy beauts on February 5, 2011, from 11am to 6pm.

I'm hoping to go this year, but I have a kid to consider, and kid's and modern design don't always go hand in hand.

Broyhill Sculptra Room Divider

Look at this gorgeous piece of vintage Broyhill Sculptra furniture. I've never seen a Broyhill Sculptra room divider before and, boy, is it something to see. You can see plenty more beauty shots over at Midcentury Mobler's Flickr gallery.
Here are the details:
Mid-century room divider from Broyhill’s Sculptra collection. This rare piece is finished on both sides in walnut so it can be placed in the center of a room. Removable hutch makes this one multi-functional and creates ample storage solutions depending on your setup.

54” wide x 27” tall (floor to buffet) 70” tall (floor to top of hutch) x 17” deep

Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Austin: Crestview

Crestview, Austin TX
If you're looking to find a mid-century ranch home in Austin, then Crestview is for you. Located in north central Austin, most of the homes in Crestview have kept their exterior charm. Inside you're just as likely to find something that's been completely gutted and rebuilt as you are original carpeting.

Known for it's tree-lined streets and post-war homes, it's hard to believe that Crestview was once farm land, the Richcreek Dairy farm to be precise. In 1946, the city of Austin annexed the eastern half of what is now Crestview and by 1948 developer A.B. Beddow had started building the Crestview neighborhood. Beddow was dedicated to building a family-oriented community with an elementary school, independent grocer, pharmacy, and barber shop all located at the center of the small community, the Crestview Shopping Center. If you're not in Austin you still may have caught a glimpse of Crestview in Austinite Richard Linklater's film Dazed and Confused, which featured Top Notch Hamburgers, a Crestview staple since 1971 (and my favorite burger joint in town).

Housing Data From the 2000 census
Total housing units: 10,131
Homes built between 1940 and 1959: 3,721 (36.7%)
Median year built: 1964
Median housing value: $131,200
Median mortgage: $1,096
Household population: 21,206
Average household size: 2.14
Average family size: 2.78
Owner-occupied housing: 56.8%
Renter-occupied housing: 43.2%
Median age: 35.7

Crestview Neighborhood Association

Done: Fix light in the breakfast nook

Replacing the pendant light in the breakfast nook was the first home improvement job done once we moved into our mid-century ranch, and for a while everything was perfect. Then the light started to flicker every once in a while, so I replaced the bulb and things went back to normal for a while. Then the light started to flicker every time we turned it on. So I did some research and found out CFLs and dimmer switches, which the nook happened to have, don't get along so well.

A couple of minutes, a new light switch and a new switch plate later and things are working as they should again. It's the first home improvement project of the new year.

Vintage Broyhill Premiere Sideboard

I have some amazing readers. For example, there's Paul who sent me this photo of his re-purposed Broyhill Premiere Division credenza.

Paul says:
"This was my grandparents set originally and it lived in their vacation cabin in Minnesota. I re-purposed this piece as a media cabinet. It had about 15 coats of crazy colored paint on it. I removed the center drawers and original hardware, stripped it down to bare wood and used tongue oil to finish it.

At one time there was a matching table and 8 chairs in a pecan-like finish. The chairs had a 1960s blue fabric upholstered seats and a medallion on the middle of the chair backs, if I remember correctly."
Sadly, Broyhill Division furniture remains a bit of a mystery, but I will continue search for more info on the collection.

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" House For Sale

Cameron Frye's house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is up for sale again.

The 5,300-square foot, four-beddrom Ferris Bueller house is located in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park and was designed by A. James Speyer in 1953. The glass pavilion, best known for getting a Ferrari driven through it, was designed by the architect David Haid and added a few years later.

You can check out more photos here.

From the listing:
The Ben Rose Home - site of the famous movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," cantilevered over the ravine, these two steel and glass buildings, which can never be duplicated, have incredible vistas of the surrounding woods. This is a unique property designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid, both notable architects of the 20th Century. Estate Sale Sold -No disclosures! This is an amazing architectural treasure.

Mid-Century Home Illustrations

Paul Rogers is the illustrator behind these amazing drawings of mid-century homes.

How to Describe Your Used Furniture on Craigslist

The mid-century Christmas tree is down, the family has left the guest bedroom and things are returning to normal, including a return to regular postings.

I got a giggle out of this cartoon and I'm hoping the rest of you craigslist shoppers will too.

Mid-Century Austin Estate Sale: Eastside Inn

Like this blog, estate sales in Austin seem to have taken a bit of a break during the holiday season. But the future home of Eastside Inn is having a demo/estate sale and they've got a great deal on an entire Holman mid-century dining set.