Our To-Do List

We already think our mid-century Austin home is pretty close to perfect. But when we bought it the inspector had some suggestions. We're working our way through that entire list, plus a few other things we'd like to see done.

Living Room
Put in surround sound speakers
New light fixture
New doorway light
Weather seal cord outlets

Remove wall
Put in breakfast bar
New cabinets
New counters
New ceiling lights
New floor
Replace back splash with tile
Add conduit to disposer wiring
Add anti-tip device to stove
Make all outlets GFCI
Fix microwave wiring
Fix water shut off valve

Breakfast Nook
Replace pendant light
Fix light
New floor

Dining Room
New ceiling light
Put second ceiling light back in

Master Bedroom
Paint closet
Replace closet knobs
Weather seal outlets
Replace ceiling fan

New light
Replace screen door

Master Bathroom
Replace mirror
New ceiling light
New mirror-side lights
Make outlet GFCI
New toilet seat
Hide washer and dryer
Hide shelves
Fix leaky shower head
Put in toilet paper holder
Get speakers working

Kid's Bedroom
Find out what water stain in closet is/fix it
Replace closet knobs

Guest Bedroom
Add smoke detector
Fix window
Put fixture over closet light
Paint closet
Remove glow stars

Add GFCI outlet
Downplay tile
Put in new mirror
Put in hand towel bar
Put in towel bar
Put in toilet paper holder
Fix knob
New cabinet knobs

Fix light
Fix ladder
Protective sheeting near exhaust flue

Front Porch
Replace house numbers
Replace mailbox

Front Yard
Redo edging by stairs
Redo walkway to hose
Redo edging by walkway
Replace wood planters
Lower sprinkler profile

Back Yard
Remove fence around hot tub
Remove hot tub
Remove ground lights
Remove stones
Kill nandina and vines
Remove tree stump
Put in sprinkler system
Put in new grass

Make a livable space
Add ceiling fan
Paint doors

Fix main water shut off
Fix water pressure
Fix leaky plumbing
Insulate plumbing
Fix electrical box
Add grounding rod
Fix wiring
Label breakers
Add conduit to outside wire
Cover all junction boxes
Fix water heater closet
Fix water heater drain line
Put water heater blanket around water heater
Protective sheeting near exhaust flue
Add safety pan to water heater
Add sediment trap to water heater
Add sediment trap to furnace
Pave driveway
New driveway gate
Paint exterior trim
Paint all railing
Add extension to AC drain line
Make all outlets GFCI
Fix broken hose bib
Move dryer vent out of crawlspace
Add damper to dryer vent
Remove permanent extension cord
Put on gutter guards

Open windows that are painted shut
Solar screens on all windows
Replace plastic blinds

Paint/redo ceiling