Done: New Front Porch Light

The last item on our front porch to-do list was to change the light. The old light was a cheapest porch light you can buy at Home Depot and it was starting to look out of place.

So we decided to replace it with the Forecast Lighting Hollywood Hills light in Vista Silver.

That first meant taking down the old light and putting some new paint up.

After that, it was a pretty easy install.

I love the modern look of the light and how it looks next to the blue front door.

And I love how it looks with the rest of the items on the front porch

From every angle.

Here's what it's like at night.

It's super bright because it has two bulbs instead of the typical one. It's really nice for people leaving after sunset because they can see all the way to the street now.


  1. what brand mailbox is that? really like it and haven't found anything like that so far! lisa lindsey (all one word) at comcast dot net Thank you!

    1. It's a Parcel mailbox from Chiasso. We got it a few years ago so I'm not sure if it's still available.

  2. Hi wherr did the door xome from I want one!!

    1. It's a Crestview Door, and they went out of business a while back. There are a few alternatives that will get you close: Simpson Door, The Door Store and Millwork Market.