New Mid-Century Modern Doorway Light

In many aspects of my life I'm able to live by the rule: Perfect is the enemy of good. However, with home improvement projects, I've had a hard time believing this.

Which takes us to our entryway light (technically I don't think we can call it a foyer, but it's the light above the area right after you walk in the front door). This is what it used to look like, a mushroom light:
My idea was, if we change the front porch light to one of those classic mid-century hanging globes
It would be perfect to have a matching globe inside, just flush mount so there's still enough headspace for tall people

So I went out and bought a flush mount globe light to install. Once I got it home, I realized that the base of globe lights are smaller that mushroom lights. Which would mean repainting the ceiling under the old light base and possibly some light repair work if I did any damage removing the old base, which is stuck on pretty good.

So I returned the globe light. And picked up a nicer looking mushroom light cover that fits in the current base and will still match any globe light that we put on the porch. And it looks good.

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