Done: Remove Fence Around Hot Tub

This is what our backyard looked like when we moved in. 

Then the nandina on the left grew like the bamboo that it is, weeds started coming up through the stone, the hot tub in the back broke and the boardwalk started to show it's age. Plus, we wanted a place that our kid could run and play, and a boardwalk, hot tub and stones didn't really fit the bill. So we decided our next big project would be to totally redo the backyard. 

In the first weekend of work, I got this done.

The second weekend, the rest of the fence sections came down and I started to remove the boardwalk. 

That's when I realized that there were about 20 screws per board in the boardwalk and no easy way to pull out chunks at a time. Plus, we still had to figure out what to do with the hot tub. That's where craigslist came in.

I put up an ad for a free broken hot tub and four frat boys and a pickup truck showed up the next day and took it away. I'm sure it's living in the basement of some nearby frat house now. Next I put up an ad for free wood to whoever would remove it themselves. The next day, a guy, a dog and a pickup truck showed up and removed about 75% of it.

Then we called the professionals. We got a few bids and picked the company that best understood the aesthetic we were going for. Their crew was able to do this in a day.

I can't wait to see what they get done in the next week.

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