Done: Put in New Backyard Grass

We had a bit of a cold snap in Austin which delayed installing the sod, but things have warmed up again so sod went in yesterday.

The grass is a little brownish now because it's winter and it's gone dormant, but by spring time it will be well rooted and fully green.

Having grass makes the whole yard look a lot bigger, and it give ample play space for the kid now. We couldn't be happier with it.

As a final touch we also moved the two cactuses that were in the yard over near the carport. It's the perfect spot for them.

We also added a black mid-century modern outdoor planter with bamboo in it to block the sightline to the side of the carport. We wanted something to breakup the space so it doesn't just look like a dead zone and bamboo has the authentic mid-century landscaping look we're going for, and putting it in a planter makes sure that it doesn't spread or get out of control.

We did the same at the back of the carport, so if you're in the yard you won't see a valley between the fence/property line and the garage.

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