My Moe Light Honeycomb Recessed Lights

I've been waiting for a pair of decently priced Moe Light honeycomb pendant lights to come up for sale for over two years. It feels like forever. Sometimes decorating with vintage materials is a waiting game and sometimes you need to know when to compromise.

So we a near perfect pair of decently priced Moe Light honeycomb recessed lights came up for sale I snatched them up as quick as I could. They should be shipping to Austin soon.

They're just as pretty as the other Moe honeycomb lights and they'll work really well in the space we had planned for the pendant lights. And if I ever run across a pair of honeycomb pendants, I might still have a spot for them.


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to see them when you get them up.

  2. I'm glad that you got them. Show us what they look like when you get them up!

  3. i have two pairs of moe honeycomb lights I just took down that im looking to sell One set is the tangerene color and the other is the blue would you be interested? I can email u pictures if you want