Vintage Moe Light Honeycomb Lighting Ad

I was doing a little internet shopping, looking for some more Moe Light Honeycomb lights to possible add to our house when I ran across another vintage ad for the line. This one reads:
Moe Light Division
Thomas Industries Inc.

New colors, new textures blend in this exciting use of unique jet-age materials. The unusual honeycomb structure creates entirely new visual effects; hues enhance your decor. In emerald-blue, tangerine-gold or honey natural as pull-down, pendant or ceiling fixtures.

Moe Light's Unique Honeycomb
Fresh new lighting idea for your home


  1. I found a wonderful 2' wide hanging light in orange and yellow recently on ebay and just know I was going to be battling over it with you. Guess not. I got it for $25 bucks!!! It's in wonderful condition, just a small crack in the diffuser. Has been in the same house it's whole life and once the new wire is delivered and installed, it's going up in it's second home, my dining room.

  2. I've got some Moe cornice lighting systems in my house. It's good stuff. These are really awesome!