The Old Globe Light on Our Mid-Century Ranch

I found two more reasons to love our EJS Lighting Glow-Bal sphere light, as if it being free and an authentic mid-century globe light weren't enough.

1) I remembered that our house used to have an exterior globe light. They changed the fixture right before we bought the house. The old light definitely wasn't as nice as our new globe light will be, but I am glad that we'll be able to bring back some of the original look.

2) After writing about our new EJS Lighting globe light, one of the owner's children left a comment,
EJS stood for Electrical Jobber Supply. It originally started on East Pico Blvd in downtown LA in the 1950s and then moved to Compton. The company was a true American manufacturer and made their products from raw material through finishing. At one time they were one of the largest residential decorative lighting companies in the US, but ultimately the company closed down in the very early 90s.
It's great to get a little additional history around the company who made the light and I haven't seen the full name, Electrical Jobber Supply Lighting, anywhere else when I was doing my research, just EJS Lighting.


  1. Isn't it great to hear from the families of the manufacturers/designers of the vintage items we write about! Glad you were able to get firsthand information about the company.

    1. It really is great. It's amazing how much info they have that the entire internet doesn't.