Mid-Century Home of the Future

Paleofuture is getting added to the blog reader. First they started an amazing series about the Jetsons. Now they've dug up video of Walter Conkite walking us through a mid-century view of the home of the future.

Sunken living rooms may have gone out of style but many of the predictions are pretty spot on. The look of the technology might be wrong, sadly globe speakers have also fallen out of favor, but thought behind the technology is there, just usually smaller in our modern reality.

Sadly, the kitchen is the one place where a lot of the speculated technology didn't come to fruition. If cooking was only so easy.


  1. Very interesting to me, since 1967 was my first year in college. I'm amazed at the changes I've seen over the course of my lifetime.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It's amazing how many ideas have come to fruition but in very different ways. If you transported anyone from my generation into todays world without living through the changes we would all be totally amazed. Of course living through all that's happened makes it seem normal.