Richard Neutra's Mid-Century Home on This Old House

I was watching This Old House this weekend and they were filming in LA, redoing a Spanish Colonial home. But on one of their side trips they stopped by mid-century home of Richard Neutra.

If you don't know about Richard Neutra, check out these wikipedia articles: the man, his house.

From This Old House's press release about the LA shoot:
These Los Angeles project episodes will also feature side stories highlighting the distinctive lifestyle, world-class building projects and talented local craftspeople in the city and surrounding areas. One segment will focus on the active renovations to the spectacular city-owned Hollyhock House, Frank Lloyd Wright's first Los Angeles project built between 1919 and 1921. Another episode will spotlight preservation efforts at the Silver Lake home and studio of the late architect Richard Neutra, known for his influence on California Modernism. "This Old House will introduce to the nation those mid-century, Craftsman, Spanish and other neighborhood landmarks that aren't as well known as the Chinese Theater, for example, but that are just as defining in terms of who we are as a city," Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti said.
If you can catch a return, the Neutra house is gorgeous and any fan of mid-century homes should see it. I'm looking forward to those other side stories on upcoming episodes too.

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