Mid-Century Tree Topper - Final Decision

The mid-century tree topper decision has been made with two words from one important lady, "the star."

But being a mid-century design nerd, I had to make sure the first star I found, the Mr. Christmas starburst tree topper, was the best star for our tree.
Turns out it was. But I found a lot of great images of mid-century and mid-century modern tree toppers and thought I should share.


  1. I would go for the second one! :)


  2. That one was a very close second place.

  3. Ooh! Where can I find pictures #4 & #5?

  4. You can find #4 at Crate and Barrel, it's call the Filigree Star Tree Topper. And #5 is available lots of places (I found it on Amazon), it's called the Lighted White Moravian Star Christmas Tree Topper.