Mid-Century Welcome

One of the medium-sized projects that we're planning for the house is replacing the front door. Here's our current door, which doesn't have the mid-century look we're going for:
A while ago I found out about mid-century, Austin door company Crestview Doors. (For those of you who don't know, Crestview is a section of Austin that's packed with mid-century homes.) Crestview Doors got started when the owners couldn't find a proper door for their mid-century Austin remodel - making a single, custom door for themselves branched into a new business.

Crestview Doors has a great feature on their site called Door-o-Vision where you upload a photo and see what one of their doors would look like on your house. We found the door that we want, the only question is which way do we want it to "point."

Or left:
After deciding, it's just a matter of ordering a door, ordering the light kit and having it installed. (I guess we'll need a new doorknob too.) Then we'll have to paint the trim (grey or black) to match the wonderful new door.


  1. Hope it is ok that we posted this to the Crestview Doors Facebook page to get more feedback. My vote: Right. :-)

  2. as a designer I can honestly say to the right! Enjoy-cute house!

  3. Christiane- that's perfectly OK. It's great to see our home get a little internet famous.

    We're fans on Facebook (of course) so we actually saw it on there first :) Thanks to everyone who voted.

    We're pretty sure we're going with left.

  4. i like the bottom picture, not sure, it says left, but seems to point right?! - Atomic Tucson