Modern Family, Modern Crib

We're starting to put together the nursery - we're not totally crazy, the doctor actually suggested it ("while you have the time and energy" was the phrase). So we set out to find the focal point of any nursery, the crib.

Safety is obviously the biggest concern, but aesthetics play a part too - as Rachel said, "it can't look like a jail."

Finding a modern crib isn't the easiest thing. And Googling mid-century crib was little help. But we were in a fancy pants baby store here in town and saw this crib (priced much higher). But Googling that crib name opened the flood gates of parents trying to find a cheap modern crib. (We didn't get this crib because we have dark wood in every other room in our house and we're trying to keep the baby's room light and bright.)

Eventually we came upon the Baby Mod Olivia crib and it's pretty much exactly what we were looking for. It's safe, doesn't look like a jail and has a non-espresso wood (although the rest of the nursery will probably be birch, not amber).

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