The State of Mid-Century Blogs

Someone on the Austin Reddit board asked which were the best thrift stores for mid-century furniture. Oh, how the Austin mid-century fans laughed knowing that every thrift store is picked over well before a reasonable person can expect to get there. It did however start a good list of vintage stores in Austin. So good that I updated my list, mainly by moving multiple stores to the “closed” section.

Doing so made me wonder about all the wonderful mid-century blogs I used to read. They don’t really show up in my RSS feed reader anymore. That’s because literally everyone is shut down or stopped posting years ago, even Retro Renovation. 

I have a sad feeling about it all. It feels like it was a Mad Men-inspired moment in time that’s probably passed. It also seems like a lot of it has shifted to social media. However, what I tend to find there is professional photography and vintage stores selling their wares. It’s a bit different.

I never considered Mad for Mid-Century finished, just on extended hiatus, but maybe it’s best to end it.

If you’re someone who used to read this blog and came back for a visit, thank you. I’m not sure if there will ever be additional content but I hope you enjoyed.

If you stumbled upon this mid-century blog for the first time through a Google search or some other means, please look around and give a read. I still check my MadforMidcentury email and comments are monitored.

And if you’re someone who’s still interested in reading a mid-century blog, let me know. I always wrote Mad for Mid-Century for myself but the community that was once around mid-century style and design was nice.


  1. I'm still interested in reading you blog. So happy it was in my 'feed' this morning.

  2. Hi there! I am still very interested. It is very difficult to find a resource as invaluable as your blog. I am a young mid-century collector from Australia.

  3. I still check you out once in awhile - I have your site bookmarked! I agree, that most mid-century blogs have kind of gone by the wayside. I know that we have a hard time keeping up with ours. I hope you're doing well. Keep on keeping on!

  4. I stop by here too. Always looking for more inspiration and am sad that so many blogs have stopped - not much into social media. Hope you’re doing well!

  5. I stopped years ago. The well just dried up both figuratively and less figuratively. Nothing out there to buy and I got bored. Moved on to other pastures. I've started a Mountain Biking media brand (sort of)and am going to work hard to build into .. something this summer! Check out OnlySendsMTB on Instagram to find me these days.

    1. Totally understandable, but know that your voice is missed. Most folks seemed to have moved on to their next endeavor. Good luck with yours!

  6. I miss the mid-mod blogs and community too! It seems like everyone stopped around 2015, and a few last holdouts ended things in post-pandemic life. It's a gaping hole in the internet now.